On August 26th, join us for a weekend hackathon at the Centre for Social Innovation! We will be bringing you the hottest event to dive into splashing ideas, chill with the brightest tech minds of Toronto, and connect with top companies in the city. 

Why should you come to Hack the 6ix?
◆ Quality opportunities to network with industry experts and top company recruiters.
◆ You’ll be given the chance to win up to a thousand dollars in prizes. 
◆ Fun summer activities and events.
◆ Most importantly, you’ll meet new friends who will inspire you to do great things 

Best of all, all of the fun will be free! Come code, social, grab a Soylent, eat delicious foods and end off your summer with us at Hack the 6ix! 

For general questions, message us on Facebook or email us at hello@hackthe6ix.com

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$2,500 in prizes

First Place

-$300 Cash prize
- Individual Interviews with Wealthsimple
- 1 box of Soylent per person
- 1 box of Dew
- 2 Easy Peasy Boxes

Second Place

- $100 Cash Prize
- 1/2 box of Soylent per person
- 1 box of pepsi

Top 4 (2)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Eligibility: Hack the 6ix is open to individuals invited by the organizers to participate as a result of the invitation or selection process.   Participation in the Hackathon constitutes Participant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). The term “you” refers to you, the “Participant”.   Failure to abide by the regulations outlined or the associated rules may render the participant ineligible to participate or win “prizes”.   Members of the core Hack the 6ix team are ineligible to participate and win “prizes”.


Technical Difficulty: The depth of technical knowledge used in creating your project. Points awarded for a robust, bug-free program with varying features.

Creativity: How original or creative the project is. Is it new? Exciting? Surprise us!

User Experience: How fluid and satisfying is your app to use? How well designed the user experience your project is executed.

Utility: The practically of your app; how realistic it would be to implement your project and how impactful it would be for companies/consumers.  


Pei Li

Pei Li

Larissa Feng

Larissa Feng

Karen Lai

Karen Lai

Dennis Pacewicz

Dennis Pacewicz

George Wong

George Wong

Judging Criteria

  • Judging Criteria
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